Team Engagement


Team Engagement

Greatness cannot be achieved alone. Leaders know the importance of attracting and inspiring the diverse talents in others. Successful teams today span multiple generations, cultures, and personal motivations; across time zones and communication modes; often within virtual environments.

My team programs are ideal when you are seeking greater performance from your existing team or when building new teams. I specialize in working with C-suite executives, regional and divisional teams, Boards and partnership groups.


  • Diagnose issues, reveal obstacles, build on strengths, take action, measure results.
  • Expert use of leading 3rd party team-based behavioural assessments.
  • Stakeholder interviews and impact analysis.
  • Executive talent recruitment, selection and on-boarding.
  • Custom designed team offsites. Experiential learning.

Results For You:

  • Custom team vision, purpose and charter.
  • Team development road map. Team leader coaching.
  • Clear team goals. Performance tracking. Accountability systems.
  • Productive team behaviours. Sharper meetings.
  • Development plans for high-potential and at-risk members.
  • Better hiring decisions. Accelerated onboarding.
  • Deeper connectedness among global or virtual teams.
  • Fresh, purposeful and high-impact team offsites.

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