Strategy Activation


Strategy Activation

We all know that having a plan is not enough. Today’s unprecedented rate of change requires your vision to be personal, your strategy to be focused, and your execution to be agile.

Working together to design and deliver a high-impact offsite experience, I help shape your own simple and compelling growth story in a way that personally engages others to join the cause and make things happen. I partner with you and your team to create a growth blueprint that sets plans into action across your organization. I also work with you one-on-one as you adapt your own leadership approach to champion the journey forward.


  • Upfront gathering of market and business conditions.
  • Stakeholder interviews, data gathering and analysis.
  • End-to-end offsite design and delivery.
  • Active team engagement during and after.
  • Corporate priorities aligned to individual executive action plans.
  • Quarterly or monthly check points.
  • Ad hoc coaching to support accountability and follow-through.

Results For You:

  • Business growth blueprint. Fresh, powerful, simple to share.
  • Teachable, repeatable capabilities for your organization.
  • Track performance and accountability. Measure outcomes. Fuel individual, team and organizational learning.
  • Create emotional connection to organizational vision.
  • Direct capital, time and talent to the right projects.
  • Improve readiness. Manage risks. Seize opportunities.
  • Align individual plans to key business outcomes.

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