Forum Facilitation


Forum Facilitation

The more we challenge ourselves to grow, the more daunting and isolating our journey can feel. Complex, life-impacting choices arise as the stakes go up. External expectations and success measures collide with a want for deeper connection with family, friends and self-fulfillment.

Mike Boydell is a highly-rated YPO Certified Forum Facilitator. He is passionate about helping YPOers everywhere fully experience the rich and powerful asset of Forum. With over a decade of his own life-changing YPO and EO Forum experience, members find him perceptive, engaging, and easy to relate to. He brings the experience, tools and approach required to ensure maximum ROI for every member.


  • Collaborative, custom program and Retreat design
  • Expert delivery of: Forum Fundamentals; Forum Moderator & Leadership Development; Four-Step Forum Exploration; Forum Health Survey
  • Single and multi-day Retreat formats
  • Moderator guidance, coaching and sharing of best practices
  • Direct YPO and EO member experience
  • Advanced booking; guaranteed dates; around the world

Areas of Expertise:

  • Accelerated Forum Launch – helping new Forums build lasting foundations
  • Forum Reboot – addressing obstacles, sharpening performance and ROI
  • Forum Renewal – accelerating new member integration
  • Forum Supercharge – deepening member connections and whole-life value
  • Whole-life audit, vision and personal growth plan
  • Real goal setting and accountability inside forum
  • 2nd half of life planning
  • Leadership archetypes within Forum
  • Personality dynamics and 360 feedback within Forum
  • External success vs. whole-life happiness
  • Leading from the inside-out


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