Are You Leading Your Organization With Integrity? (Part 2)

Part 2 – Building A High Integrity Organizational Ecosystem

As a leader, integrity starts with you – simply put, say what you’ll do, and do what you said – openly, consistently, reliably, on matters big and small, especially when doing so may be difficult or inconvenient. And when you slip, or encounter variables unforeseen or out of your control, integrity means taking immediate ownership and action to make things right, with yourself and those you serve.

It’s also important for leaders to explore and champion integrity within an organizational context. This is particularly important when embarking on significant change or growth initiatives – whether organically, or via more complex acquisition and integration strategies. Your Organizational Ecosystem is a community of living (people, ideas, energy, effort, risks, etc.) and non-living (capital, materials, equipment, buildings, etc.) components, continually interacting with each other, either with or without integrity:

  • When Organizational Ecosystem integrity is high, people, materials and systems perform in a consistent, predictable and scalable manner – growth is realized by designing and adhering to a unique, cultural recipe, that is consistently delivered, monitored and carefully refined over time.
  • When Organizational Ecosystem integrity is low, people, materials and systems are susceptible to breakdown and failure – people disengage; quality control erodes; outputs are unreliable; short-term results rely on band aids and duct tape; errors are unavoidable; learning is difficult; sustained growth is unattainable.

Each Organizational Ecosystem is comprised of 5 main parts, over which the leader has considerable influence – not the same as having control, as commonly misconstrued by many new leaders – through their decisions, behaviours, relationships, communications, moods and everyday body language, and for which the leader is ultimately accountable for delivering.

  1. Compelling and Reliable Vision
    Your unique storyline that connects others at an emotional level, and provides real answers to key questions: where we are going; why does that matter; what is it we actually do; how we do it better than anyone else; what values are we’re built on. Hint, this is NOT a 30-page slide deck!
  2. Knowledgeable, Skilled and Inspired People
    The people processes that enable your organization to attract the right talent, objectively assess the right initial and on-going “fit” with key roles, inspire people to apply their diverse talents and discretionary efforts, and retain your best talent over time.
  3. Role Clarity, Accountability and Aligned Interests
    Clear expectations for how time and energy is to be allocated in each role, the approach and behaviours that will lead to the best outcomes, how performance will be assessed, and how learning will be incorporated. A cross-functional understanding of how individual/collective interdependencies and incentive systems are aligned to highest organizational objectives.
  4. Effective Planning Processes and Efficient Systems
    Your own unique “recipe” for creating reliable and high-quality organizational outputs, including planning, execution, risk management, opportunistic action, performance measurement, institutional learning and continual improvement.
  5. Sufficient Resources
    Your timely access to the materials, services, capital and expertise required to deliver performance expectations and feed your organizations growth engines.

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